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De La Cruz® Arnica Salve 2 OZ (56.7 g)

I recently received the sample with the purchase of my vitamin E cream. I am so happy with this product...
Tina - 02/09/2018

I had tried every lotion, potion or concoction anyone recommended, including my doctor. None of it worked until I tried your Arnica salve. By applying this twice a day my hands and feet have been clear for nearly 2 years now. I recommend this product to anyone who has any skin irritation....... This Arnica salve works!!
Laurie - 01/16/2018

Outstanding product! When so many modern products contain so many unnecessary and toxic artificial ingredients, this product shames them all. It is worth more than all those fancy expensive products combined. Works great for dry cracked winter skin......Keep making this Please! It is part of my camping, survival and first aid kits. Thank you for making this great product!
Nicole - 10/24/2017

Irma F. - 07/12/2017

I have suffered for years with cracked fingers and heels. I have tried EVERYTHING, and nothing helped until I found Arnica Salve.
Tracy C. - 05/15/2017

Very effective.....
Erick B. - 04/17/2017