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Quita Piojos® Maximum Strength Lice Killing Shampoo 2 FL OZ (59 mL)

Quita Piojos® Maximum Strength Lice Killing Shampoo 2 FL OZ (59 mL)

A powerful shampoo formula that kills lice and their eggs on contact, Quita Piojos® works as well for body lice and pubic (crab) lice as for head lice. This excellent product comes with a fine-tooth comb, which is specially designed to help remove the eggs from the infested area.


  • treats head lice, pubic (crab) lice, and body lice

Active Ingredients

Piperonyl butoxide 4%

Pyrethrum extract (equivalent to 0.33% pyrethrins)


Lice treatment


Hair Length                                                   Recommended amount                 for 1 adult/child


Day 1

1-2 oz.

SHORT: Ear length or shorter

Day 7­-10

1-2 oz.



2-4 oz.



Day 1

2-3 oz.

MEDIUM: Shoulder length

Day 7­-10

2-3 oz.



4-6 oz.



Day 1

3-4 oz.

LONG: Past shoulder length

Day 7­-10

3-4 oz.



6-8 oz.


Recommended amount depend upon hair thickness

Important: Read warnings before use.


  • adults and children 2 years of age and older:


  • check each household member with a magnifying glass in bright light for lice/nits (eggs)
  • look for tiny nits near scalp, beginning at back of neck and behind ears
  • examine small sections of hair at a time
  • unlike dandruff which moves when touched, nits stick to the hair. If either lice or nits are found, treat with this product.



  • apply thoroughly to dry hair or other affected area. For head lice, first apply behind ears and to back of neck.
  • allow product to remain for 10 minutes, but no longer
  • use warm water to form a lather, shampoo, then thoroughly rinse
  • for head lice, towel dry hair and comb out tangles.


Remove lice and their eggs (nits)

  • use a fine-tooth or special lice/nit comb. Remove any remaining nits by hand (using a throw-away glove).
  • hair should remain slightly damp while removing nits
  • if hair dries during combing, dampen slightly with water
  • for head lice, part hair into sections. Do one section at a time starting on top of head. Longer hair may take 1 to 2 hours
  • lift a 1- to 2-inch wide strand of hair. Place comb as close to scalp as possible and comb with a firm, even motion away from scalp.
  • pin back each strand of hair after combing. clean comb often. Wipe nits away with tissue and discard in a plastic bag. Seal bag and discard to prevent lice from coming back.
  • after combing, thoroughly recheck for lice/nits. Repeat combing if necessary.
  • check daily for any lice/nits that you missed. A second treatment must be done in 7 to 10 days to kill any newly hatched lice.
  • if infestation continues, see a doctor for other treatments.
  • children under 2 years: ask a doctor.

For external use only.

Do not use

  • near eyes
  • inside nose, mouth, or vagina
  • on lice in eyebrows or eyelashes. See a doctor if lice are present in these areas.


Ask a doctor before use if you are

  • allergic to ragweed. May cause breathing difficulty or an asthmatic attack.


When using this product

  • keep eyes tightly closed and protect eyes with a washcloth or towel
  • if product gets in eyes, flush with water right away
  • scalp itching or redness may occur


Stop use and ask a doctor if

  • breathing difficulty occurs
  • eye irritation occurs
  • skin or scalp irritation continues or infection occurs


Keep out of reach of children. If swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center immediately.

Other information

  • do not freeze
  • store at room temperature
  • see package insert for additional information


This is the latest labeling information, and may not be the same as that on product packaging.  If differences exist between this labeling and the labeling on the product packaging, this website labeling should be considered the most current.

Active Ingredients Purpose
Piperonyl butoxide 4% Lice treatment
Pyrethrum extract (equivalent to 0.33% pyrethrins)  


Inactive ingredients

ammonium laureth sulfate, fragrance, peg-25 hydrogenated castor oil, polyquaternium-10, purified water, sd-40 alcohol