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De La Cruz® 10% Sulfur Ointment Maximum Strength Acne Treatment 2.6 OZ (73.7 g)

THIS IS THE BEST THING I'VE EVER HAD!!!! ITS AMAZING!!! good job making this product! FIVE STAR!
Matthew - 09/16/2020

With the help of this ointment, I can bare my arms and shoulders again. I have had acne all my life over my face and torso. This ointment works wonders! It is most effective on the acne on my shoulders and back. Thanks for a great product.
Evelyn J. - 05/21/2020

Been trying to treat my son's hormonal acne for 8+ months now... sacrycylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, etc. Came across this at local store and cheap. Also found good reviews and research online, so thought we'd give it a try. Wow! U could see it working overnight drying those pustules. It did the job 90% better than any other we tried. He did it for 10/15 minutes every other night then benzoyl peroxide the other nights before bed. The product doesn't smell like anything until you wash it off, but then his face smells like a match... Not bad. Best product we tried, definitely!!!. Heard good things about name brand retinol so we took a break and tried that for 1.5 months, but the acne returned and was getting worse. We returned to the sulfur ointment and we're very pleased. HIGHLY recommend sulfur ointment. 9 out of 10 stars ---only reason I didn't rate it a 5 was because it's not a complete cure all even after 3 months. Best of anything we tried.
Mary C - 05/09/2020

Love this!!!
Marlyn B. - 06/03/2018

Shirle S. - 12/04/2017