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Super Macho® Softgels 50's with High Potency B Vitamins

Gives me great energy
Alma M. - 05/29/2020

Thank you so much Great product
Agustin L. - 05/22/2020

I wish the original was still available. I was very effective and I was very satisfied. This new version is too strong in its vitamin complex and I don't feel good when I take it. [Comment from DLC Laboratories on 11/27/19: We changed the packaging graphics about a year ago, but the formula did not change at all; it has been the same for the last 10 years or so.]
Ramon Torres - 11/25/2019

I bought my second bottle of Super Macho...I am satisfied.
MA - 02/18/2017

Je prends *Super Macho* depuis 2 semaines..j'ai commencé à 1 capsule par jour..pour le moment je sens une énergie plus grande surtout le matin au réveil..à suivre
M.A. - 01/17/2017