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De La Cruz® Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
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Our pure extra virgin coconut oil is nature’s special moisturizer for skin and hair. Its proven regenerating and conditioning properties provide softer skin from head to toe. This multi-purpose oil can also be used in the kitchen as a great kitchen companion for cooking and baking. It is cold pressed and 100% pure with subtle notes of aroma and flavor.

100% Pure

Never tested on animals (We love them!)

Gluten Free

Cold pressed and hexane-free

Made from fresh coconuts

Gluten Free


Free of artificial colors or flavors

No Preservatives

Made in the USA


  • UPC (Universal Product Code) barcode: 0-24286-15860-6
  • Item code: E0860
Cómo utilizar
  • Hidratar:

    Aplicar en áreas de la piel que estén secas o ásperas según sea necesario hasta que se absorba.

  • Acondicionar:

    Aplicar semanalmente sobre el cabello seco y el cuero cabelludo, dejar reposar durante al menos 30 minutos, luego lavar con champú.

  • Masajear:

    Frote este emoliente ligero y natural sobre la piel para un masaje relajante que no se sienta grasoso.


Aceite de coco extra virgen prensado en frío. Contiene Coco.

Historias de los ingredients

Libre de fragancias y colores artificiales
Sin Gluten
No probado en animales
Frequent questions
What is the best way to store my product?

We recommend storing the product in a cool place, with the lid tightly closed. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight and heat sources.

What is the expiration date?

This oil has an expiration date printed on the bottle that is 3 years from the manufacturing date. Check out our storage recommendations to maximize product quality.

What happens if I don't put the lid back on the jar?

When coconut oil remains open without the lid, oxidation will occur more quickly. Additionally, it will be more likely to become contaminated.

Is there any added fragrance?

No, this is 100% pure extra virgin coconut oil made from fresh coconuts and contains no added fragrance.

Why is coconut oil solid at room temperature and why do you qualify it as an "oil"?

It is totally normal for coconut oil to be solid at room temperature. In all vegetable oils, fatty acids are main components. We can also find fatty acids in coconut oil. For this reason, we call it oil. The way these fatty acids are structured influences the melting point of the oil. Without getting too technical, the longer the fatty acid chain, the higher the melting point. Coconut oil has longer fatty acid chains than many vegetable oils, so it needs higher temperatures to melt.

Can coconut oil be heated?

Yes, you can heat coconut oil to blend or use for cooking. Coconut oil melts naturally at about 76˚F. The oil will solidify again when it cools. Do not heat in the microwave in the original container.

Should I refrigerate your extra virgin coconut oil?

No, extra virgin coconut oil is highly stable and does not require refrigeration. Plus, it would get pretty harsh.

Can your coconut oil be ingested?

Yes, this extra virgin coconut oil is perfect for cooking and baking.


Do not microwave in this container. For external use only. Keep out of the reach of children.





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